Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogging World

The more I think about this blogging thing, the funnier it become to me. We have the ability to read someone else's thoughts almost like we're reading their journal and yet we don't get chastised for it. Since I am definitely one who loves to snoop, this pseudo-voyeurism really appeals to me. I am constantly reading people's blogs and trying to get an idea of the direction I want to take mine. So I decide that I would give a shout out to those bloggers out there that I love to follow. Check them out when you have a chance!

The Holy Mecca of Blogs to me. This lady is a genius. Not to mention, she has a precious Basset Hound named Charlie who is really something else. I'm not kidding. He's great. This chick is cool. She lives on a working Cattle Ranch in the middle of Oklahoma and has four kids (whom she calls Punks) that she homeschools all the while writing a wildly successful cookbook and now her love story about how she fell in love with a rancher (and he's not too shabby himself) is now being made into a movie. Her site is great filled with funny stories, recipes, homeschooling tips, decorating tips and many other mindless wonderful things. She updates everyday. And she's hilarious.

This is another one that I love to read. This lady and her family moved from Colorado to an apartment in NYC after her husband got a job with a non-profit. Her adventures are great and she seems like a cool cat. Plus can you imagine living six people deep in an NYC apartment??? And no, she's not wealthy which makes this blog that much better and that much realer (is realer a word???)

Okay this lady fascinates me. She's been a blogger for a while and then was in a horrific plane crash that left her severely burned and fighting for her life. She blogs about the recovery and her struggles and she is really inspiring. Oh and not to mention, she's got four kids too. Wait, I just noticed all these women I'm reading about have tons of kids…

This is a friend's blog. He's a fun writer and covers one of my favorite topics : FOOD! He always goes to the newest coolest spots here in Atlanta so if you're local, take a look. Plus it's just a fun read anyway.


What are some of your favorite blogs? I read a ton more but I want to know what you like to read!


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