Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where Do I Go From Here

After about a two weeks of blogging, I have discovered two things.

  1. I love to write
  2. I haven't come up with a cohesive theme of as to what my blog is going to be about.


So I decided to take a few days and come up with a plan. I love a good plan of action. I thought about what I like to read, what I like to do, where I like to go and I decided that I would write about all of those things. I'm not a trendsetter by any means but I love beautiful, interesting neat things and I decided if nothing else, that was a good enough reason to be qualified to write about them. Moving forward this is what you can come to expect from my blog:

Sunday/Monday – Cultural Day! When I update my blog on one of these two days you'll be guaranteed a restaurant review, a recipe review, a book review, a play review or something else along those lines.

Tuesday/Wednesday – Fashion Day! Here is where I'll show you something I've found that I think is absolutely beautiful. I have some incredibly fashionable friends with different taste that I draw a lot of inspiration from so I think this will be a lot of fun and definitely have something for everyone whether you are preppy or edgy or something in between. I do not claim to be a some fashion guru so feel free to laugh if I have a strikeout here and there J

Thursday/Friday – I'm going to reserve this day to tell you more about myself and how I've gotten to the point that I am writing a blog. I love this section and since it's about me, I will definitely claim to be an expert in this one area.

Now we're all on the same page. Let's get started!

About a week ago, my husband and I heard about a little thing called the 10:00 burger at Holeman & Finch here in Atlanta. It was featured on Food Network (LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!!) and we were intrigued. The deal with the 10:00 burger is this: at 10:00 every night Holeman & Finch makes 20 burgers and only 20 burgers. Once they are gone, they are gone and when I say you are out of luck, I mean it. There is no convincing the kitchen to make a 21st burger. These burgers are amazing and they sell fast! There is one loop hole though. If you go on Sunday at brunch, they make 40 and you have a better chance of getting one. So my husband and I showed up early and were the first in line and man oh man were these .burgers ever delicious! They were cheesy and griddle cooked with homemade mustard and ketchup and I am fairly certain that I resembled Cookie Monster while eating one. If you haven't had one, you definitely need to go immediately! I am making it a personal rule to only go once a month otherwise I will weigh approximately 4,678 lbs but if I could I would go every day.


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